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Scalp Facials

Odjibik Hair Repair (, @odjibik.official) in Yorkville, Toronto was established in 2013 with the belief that beautiful hair starts from a healthy scalp and roots just like a beautiful garden grows on healthy soil.  We adopt a skincare approach for hair care, which is a revolutionary way to restore and rejuvenate thinning, damaged hair, and hair loss.  Scalp skin is the same as facial skin.  It is a facial to your scalp.  We care for your scalp in the same way that a facialist cares for your face. 

Odjibik has 4 locations throughout Greater Toronto Area.  Now we are launching our 5th location in Vancouver.  Your hair regimen may involve some combination of hair coloring, flat ironing, blow-drying, as well as using hair products such as dry shampoo, spray, gel, oil, and so on.  There are many products and treatments that could disguise unhealthy hair easily and quickly.  However, it damages your hair silently.  This is exactly why you need scalp care to keep the long-term health of your hair.

It has been proven to be effective by over 5,000 happy clients in Toronto for the last decade.  Now, Vancouverites can enjoy and take advantage of this revolutionary treatment – Odjibik Scalp Facial!  Click the link button for more details. It will lead you to Odjibik Hair Repair’s official website.

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