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Our Team

Tio Shoker Profile Photo_edited.jpg


Master Colorist / Stylist

Tio is Dubai's most prestigious colorist and hairdresser. His work is original and there's something special about it that others can't copy. His Instagram is a superstar on Instagram, and you can tell how famous he was in Dubai.

Tio is ready to welcome Vancouver customers who want high-quality service. Tio is originally born in Lebanon and can speak Arabic. Meet Tio at M Prive Salon and watch the magic.

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Hanro Profile Photo.jpg


Master Stylist / Blowout Master

Hanro was born and raised in South Africa. Hanro started his career as a stylist in 2002 and now has been behind the chair for 20+ years.  He is knowledgeable and posesses supeior expeirience and skills in all hair services but especially in balayage and wedding/party look.  He worked for numerous photoshoots for magazines and events including Miss South Africa peagent.

Hanro always dreamed of traveling the world and started his journey in 2015. He worked at Canyon Ranch Spa at Sea (celebrity cruise) and lived and worked at a premium salon in Bermuda where many fortune 500 companies, investment companies have offices.

Now, Hanro joined M Prive Salon and is excited to meet Vancouver clients. Please welcome Hanro to Vancouver!

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Mila Hurbich photo 1_edited.jpg


Director Stylist

Mila has been behind the chair for over 8 years.  Constantly improved her skills in Ukraine and Europe in the best schools of hairdressing such as Pivot Point, Lebel, Wella, Loreal"and the list is endless.  She is a person who loves her job and puts a part of her soul into it, performs top coloring, women's and men's haircuts of any complexity using the Vidal Sassoon technique.  She also does professional hair care, keratin and hair botox.  Corrects any unsuccessful work (home coloring, correction after unsuccessful coloring).  Her inspiration is her clients!   Mila loves to make people feel and look the best.  

Meet Mila and find your magic!

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Junior Stylist / Scalp Facial

Christa is originally from Alberta. She is a graduate of Blanche McDonald Center where she earned her certificate as Red Seal Hairstylist.  Christa has real passion and sense of detail for the craft of hairstyling.  It was always her lifelong dream to become a stylist.  She has a welcoming and bubbly personality. You wil love her.

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Hanro Profile Photo.jpg
Arina Profile photo_edited.jpg


Junior Stylist / Scalp Facial

Arina is a new talent stylist with a certificate from Blanche McDonald.  Arina has been working as a professional makeup artist more than 8 years and has worked at Laura Mercier and Sephora.  Arina has worked and been trained Suki's salon including a master haircut class. 

Arina is originally from Iran and speaks Farsi.  She has a high standard when it comes to a beauty.  Arian has an excellent skills in haircuts, balayage, scalp facial treatment and texture treatment such as a Caviar and Keratin treatment.  Come and say hello to Arina

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Barber / Scalp Facial

Moudi is a new talent to women;s hair but is not new to men's hair.  He is very talented when it comes to men's barbering, fades, beard shaping, eyebrow shaping and more.

Moudi is very ambitious young man who is eager to learn everything about women;s hair.  He has a passion and bubbly personality and is a good communicator.

For now, Moudi offers men's barbering and scalp facial treatment but will do women's hair when he gets more experienced.  Come and meet this fine young man!

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